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Poème de gouttes

Inspired by the 1962 György Ligeti piece: Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes, Jocelyn Raphanel created 'Poème de gouttes’ by designing and building his own Octophonic system using eight of HEDD’s TYPE 7 speakers. Beginning with the simple sound a single drop of water leading to the chaos of an unreal cascading river, then going back to the essential sound with an always changing rhythm of each water drops till end.

The Performance
1st part: Natural sound of water drops. Each line of water drop goes in a single loudspeaker. Like a natural rhythmic story where you can identify the sound of each water drops
i call this moment « Polygouttemie » as in French water drops is goutte
2nd part: Processing begin by filtering, reverb, delay and granularisation.
3rd part: Movement begin slowly one water drop after one and goes till a complete disorder of movement and processing.
4th part: Going back to natural sound. As the bottle has not the same speedness but the same level of water, the end of the installation is like s beat which is always changing by the stop of each water drop one after one, ending by just the one with the less speed.

The Technical aspect

8 X HEDD TYPE 07 loudspeakers.

12 water drops falling in 12 bottles below.

Speed of each is done by hand with a non predictable result.

Sounds taken by simple mic contact going in an 8 channel DI Box as 4 lines of 2 water drops linked and 4 lines solo.

Trimmed inside an Antelope Zen Studio audio card

Processing in Ableton and then go to Spat Revolutions by Jackpilot Router.

Spat revolution is used with a 2D octophonic output with VBAP encoder

A max patch with a library of movements for all input

A mixing desk for technical aspect of the render in space ( Equalisation )

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